Choroba Raynauda - Rehabilitacja


From 2017, Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Augustów will provide diagnosis and treatment for Raynaud’s syndrome sufferers.
A team of specialist doctors and physiotherapists will carry out comprehensive diagnostic tests and provide all-round, individual rehabilitation as the only medical centre in Poland offering this innovative diagnostic and rehabilitation treatment method developed especially for this condition.

The course of inpatient treatment takes 3 weeks.

This innovative service was developed on the basis of research conducted by a team of physicians from Uniwersytet Medyczny in Białystok (UMB), Department of Health Sciences (scientific category A), composed of:

  • Prof. Anna Kuryliszyn – Moskal, Ph.D., Head of the Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Jacek Kita, Ph.D., MD
  • Mariusz Ciołkiewicz, Ph.D., MD

Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Augustów will be the first facility specialising in the treatment of microcirculation disorders in the form of primary or secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon.
Our comprehensive Raynaud’s syndrome diagnosis and rehabilitation service is based on an innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedure designed for patients suffering from this illness.

What we offer:

  • an alternative to pharmaceutical treatment
  • individualised diagnostic and rehabilitation procedure using the latest methods
  • a possibility to decrease the severity of clinical symptoms
  • extending the treatment by prognosis assessment
  • accurate, precise and comprehensive diagnosis of microcirculation disorders thanks to innovative diagnostic methods – capillaroscopy, Power Doppler, Laser Doppler velocimetry.

Innovative Raynaud’s syndrome diagnosis and rehabilitation procedure involves:

  • all-round examination of disorders, taking into account the impact of diseases which are the cause of microcirculation disorders
  • modern treatment methods, such as MLS laser therapy, or low-frequency pulsed magnetic field with scientifically proven results – laser biostimulation enables us to achieve better clinical results than just pentoxyphylline therapy, as proven by capillaroscopic tests; a positive influence of pulsed magnetic field on microcirculation has been proven
  • taking into account the conditions which are the root cause of microcirculation disorders (secondary Raynaud’s) and targeting the cause with the treatment
  • possibility of early diagnosis of patients with a high risk of complications/organ damage, which require the right therapeutic treatment to be introduced at an early stage
  • personalised, innovative rehabilitation procedure, previously inaccessible for patients.

Our services meet the needs of patients whose quality of life is affected by the disease and its bothersome symptoms.

Choroba Raynauda - Rehabilitacja


Patients benefit from a comprehensive range of diagnostic and rehabilitation services. The treatment is administered in the inpatient mode, with full board.

The treatment takes 3 weeks and involves:

  • modern diagnostic methods, including:
    • Initial examination – patient interview, physical examination, assessment of additional tests required, ruling out any contraindications for rehabilitation.
    • Fitness assessment – running track, ergometre, 6-minute walk test.
    • Capillaroscopic examination to assess microcirculation disorders.
    • Power Doppler – Laser Doppler velocimetry test in order to assess microcirculation disorders.
    • Echocardiogram – to assess the functions and structure of the heart, to detect heart disease as a cause of secondary Raynaud’s, which is a contraindication for the use of IR sauna.
  • 75 treatments in the scope of: laser therapy, magnet therapy, IR sauna, bubble bath, supervised exercise (for example, exercising in intervals on a cycle ergometer/ running track) and general training
  • medical examinations
  • 24h medical care (doctors and nurses)