If you are suffering from the following
problems with your hands:

skin becoming pale, cold,
and losing sensation

bruising with accompanying
pain and numbness

redness with a hot, burning sensation,
even slight swelling

What makes you more prone to these conditions:

If you work under stress

Public speakers and people who work in stressful conditions or experience stress outside of work are prone to Raynaud's phenomenon. Blushing, often associated with nervousness while speaking in public, or cold hands in stressful situations, are the first symptoms of the disease.

If your job involves working in low temperatures

Cold store workers in the food processing industry, such as the fish and meat processing sector, are prone to these symptoms. Long-term exposure to low temperatures may cause arterial spasms and lead to limb hypoxia.

If you live in a cold region

People from the Scandinavian countries and other regions with subarctic climate are exposed to low temperatures every day, which makes them more prone to such symptoms and Raynaud's syndrome. Women living in such areas are more prone to this condition than men.


From 2017, Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Augustów will provide diagnosis and treatment for Raynaud's syndrome sufferers. A team of specialist doctors and physiotherapists will carry out comprehensive diagnostic tests and provide all-round, individual rehabilitation as the only medical centre in Poland offering this innovative diagnostic and rehabilitation treatment method developed especially for this condition.